Tuesday, 10 July 2012

It started with a gooseberry...

Well a few pounds to be precise. I had noticed my gooseberries were swelling in all this rain. They were also however, beginning to go rotten. Normally when they are this large they have sweetened, not so this year, large and just as sour!

Today was the day I decided to pick the whole lot, make some microwave jam and freeze the rest. 

M., have you any idea where my large casserole dish is that I use for microwaving jam?”

Attic I should think”

Can you just check in the corner cupboards before you go up there?”

A few searches later, in all cupboards and the attic, more than once, revealed nothing. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have got rid of it so maybe I gave it away. Unthinkable but there you go. No doubt when I no longer need to use it, it will materialise!

Anyhow... like you do, this search made us realise we haven't done an empty and get rid of unused kitchen items. We normally do this roughly every 2 years or so. What we don't think we use goes into the attic. If it is up there more than 2 years without us using it, it goes to the charity shops. The only item excluded from this is the pasta maker. Might not use it very often but would never get rid of it as it is too expensive to replace. This photograph doesn't show the chaos that was the kitchen floor and worktops!

One hour later and a few rejigs of shelves etc, saw the cupboards cleared and sorted out into proper compartmentalised areas. 

Baking (tins, bowls, mixer)

Toasting/Frying (George Forman, chip pan, toaster etc)

Utility (everything either required daily (one shelf) or occasionally (another shelf). The yucky looking microwavable bowl on the top shelf is clean folks, just stained by tinned beans and tomatoes.

These were the items we put up into the attic this time around. The dust on some of them shows how little they are used. 

As for the jam, I will have to use the dish part of the slow cooker (if it will fit). If not, will freeze them and use my jam pan another day.


  1. Great job! It really feels good after a good tidying and reorganizing job around the house :)

  2. Thanks Hilde, it was good to get it done.


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