Monday, 16 July 2012

Normal service resumed!

We have been away again for a few days helping DS. & FDiL. clean their rental house ready to hand back to the landlord. DS. had been busy after work every night for a fortnight making a start whilst FDiL. was on dog/house sitting duties for the 2 weeks so couldn't get across.

The bathroom and kitchen needed re-painting and a few bits of gloss touching up so DB. & FDiL. tackled that (DS. was at work). We weeded the garden, raked it over, swept it up, mowed the lawn and transplanted the raspberries to their new house.

I cleaned the oven and removed packing newspaper marks from the kitchen cupboards. DS. & FDiL. cleaned the carpets using a hired cleaner. We then left them to it as were aching too much to carry on. Went back to their new place to have a shower but decided to cut down yet another large shrub before showering.

Yesterday before leaving, we helped take the roof off the shed that was there when they moved in. Then we shoved and dragged and lifted the rest of it into its new place before replacing the roof and everything in it. Phew. 

Still more shrubs to move but we have left them our loppers and will tackle the garden if it stills needs it when we visit again in a few weeks.

We reckon we drove more than 140 miles just going backwards and forwards between houses and the dump!


  1. Glad to hear J and S are getting more sorted. What would our children do without their parents to help them? We're the same with K and A,from cleaning student houses to driving removal vans for them and moving the furniture in and out . Thank goodness their current apartment is on the ground floor, as the last one was at the top and didn't have a lift!

    1. Blimey and I thought we had it hard. It was fun but totally exhausting.

  2. Cleared daughter's loft yesterday whil SIL played golf! DH ran backwards and forwards to the dump with boxes etc and I cleaned, washed and ironed, listed and priced items for boot sale. Don't know when this will eventually take place but DH drew the line at actually doing the boot sale as well as all our hard work.

  3. We reckon the older we get the harder these things feel and take their toll. Had a medical massage today and she had to work hard to untangle the tightness in my muscles!

  4. Hi Datacreata :) Just found your comment about the slippers. When you have reached the final instruction that sais "knit 2, 1, 0" it means that you can choose to end the slipper right there, or you can choose to knit 2 rows or 1 row or 0 rows before you pull the thread throught the last masks. If you knit one or two rows the slipper will be a tiny bit bigger than if you end it right there.
    (It should be: "knit 2 or 1 or 0 rows", I seem to have forgotten the "or" in there -sorry).

    The first pair of knitted+felted pair of slippers is always the difficult one, and it will be a kind of a experimental pair... You will learn from the first pair how much the yarn felts, and how your knitting felts.

    The size of the finished slippers should not fit too tightly, but have a little bit of room around the foot. When stretching the felted slipper when wet make sure the opening is wide enought for the foot go easily into the slipper.

    Once you have felted+dried the first pair and seen how they ended up, the next pair will be easier.
    Please feel free to ask again if you need to, I'll be happy to answer :)

    What great job you did during the weekend, and I'm sure it was most appreciated :)
    Have a great day!

  5. Oh, and I forgot to say:
    The slippers may look really huge when finished knitting, but you will be surprised by how much they shrink during felting!
    If for some reason you are not happy with the finished felting, and the slippers still are too big and the felting is not tight enough, just felt them again and they will shrink and tighthen more.

    1. Thanks Hilde, I have added those instructions to my printed out sheet.


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