Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Olympic Torch

Welcome to my new follower G. Hodson. Glad to have you on board the Norfolk frugal express!

First thing this morning we popped out to buy stuff needed to help DS. and FDiL. get their rented place ready for handing back to the landlord. We also took delivery of oil (at the best price we could determine) and it should now see us through the until next spring – hopefully. Just the logs to go then we should be ready. We also did some food top up shopping which came to £16.03.

Today, the Olympic Torch passed through our bit of Norfolk. As it was also our walking day, we decided to start late, eat first, view the torch, then go for a walk. There were numerous places we could view it but decided in the end to go over to Sandringham. The viewing distance was probably less than a couple of miles, but it had loads of places to park.

We had to wait for around 40 minutes or so before anything happened. The next two runners were dropped off outside Sandringham Gates.

Luckily for us our flame bearer was being pushed along in a wheelchair. As so many people kept stepping out in front of me I couldn't get many clear pictures and they were a little blurred but at least I got some.



  1. I think the torch reaches us tomorrow but we are in Norwich. Quite exciting isn't it! xx

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos :)


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