Sunday, 26 August 2012

Bread and paint!

Welcome to my new follower Encourage One Another.

Yesterday saw me making some more bread. The loaf on the left is Potato Bread (courtesy of The Iowa Housewife) and on the right is a combined granary/white loaf. When I made the potato bread, I left out the sugar, reduced the salt and added quite a lot more liquid. It is though, a lovely tasting loaf and has become one of our favourites.

Painting in the front room continues. The yellow currently on the wall is so strong we are having to put an undercoat of white on first. It is then followed by 2 coats of Natural Hessian. The ceiling and skirting boards are also being redone to make it all look as bright as possible, being a north facing room. Just cannot get the correct colour to show on a photograph. You have to imagine a pale fawn colour with a hint of lilac. When we are finished, more decisions will be needed on new curtains etc. I have an idea in my head what I would like but finding them might be difficult. We'll see.

Managed to get a few buckets of dead heading and weeding done yesterday. Should be able to do more today hopefully. If we are lucky, most of the things we have dead-headed should bloom again. If not, at least some new leaves will grow to fill in the gaps.

Must remember to gather some more blueberries. They are almost finished now but hope to get one more full box from them. R., my lovely neighbour hinted that we should expect some of his allotment raspberries soon. I feel more cloud cake coming on.

I worked out the pro points on it. If you forsake the base altogether, and make only half the recipe, the top is around 6 points in total. Cut into 6, that is 1 point each. How great is that.


  1. Maybe you need to try the recipes the way they are written before you alter them. I always try the original recipe before I do any changing.

    1. And so you should, good for you! However, in this instance, for dietary reasons these adjustments needed to be made.

  2. potato bread sounds yummy. Too flipping hot and humid again here to bake.

    Gill in Canada

  3. It is very nice. I know what you mean about not baking when it is humid, horrid isn't it?


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