Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Looks like we might not be walking today as B. has just been in touch to say she is ill.

The weather was wet most of the day so I spent it indoors reading, watching the Olympics at times, sewing and knitting – good winter pursuits. At the rate we are going, will soon have to start cooking winter meals!

I have just updated the War Diary Year II page as well as the Seasonal Foods page. There will not be anymore updates on the War Diary page until next year as it looks like I didn't do much of a diary during this period. No idea why.


  1. Happy birthday for yesterday, liver & bacon sounds lovely.

    Mrs S

  2. a belated happy birthday to you......

    Gill in Candaa

  3. Happy Birthday for yesterday.
    My sort of birthday celebrations - quiet ones.
    Carol xx


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