Monday, 20 August 2012

Painting ...

Lovely hubby has painted our hall in a trial colour for the lounge – when I will join in! 

They both have the same carpet (which we are not changing). It is the first time we have struggled to choose a colour as we don't want them the same colour as the carpet (greenish), nor the walls the colour they were (lemon - despite the photograph!).

Our lounge is north facing and the colours of the walls constantly change. The photographs do not show the real colour of our trial paint. We normally use Farrow & Ball and choose a few tester pots, then settled on a colour. Went to buy 2 tins of paint and decided against it as they would have cost £72!!! Blimey, last time we used them they were around £22 each. B & Q have an offer on for any 2 Dulux 2.5 litre pots for £20 for 2. Much dialogue followed trying to choose a colour similar to the F & B one.

Well, Murphy's law came into play and after the first coat, it was obvious that it was nothing like the F & B colour (or even the shop's tester colours above their paint range). We bought Natural Hessian and there really is nothing Natural Hessian about it. We should know, as 'Natural Hessian' is used to front all our log stores!

Anyway, after 2 coats and a couple of days mulling it over, we decided it was okay but not for the lounge. Then we decided to paint the chimney breast with it and see what we thought. Still not sure, although as a colour we quite like it, despite it being more a very light shade of lilac fawn. Anyway, we went on the manufacturer’s web site to look at 'rooms', (like you do?) and decided a couple of tester pots are needed before the final decision. 

We decided to cheer ourselves up a bit and went to pick more Blueberries out of the garden. This container is around 4" square and 2" deep and is our 3rd such pick.


  1. Lovely blueberries. I have some in my garden too, and this summer the bushes are heavy with berries, so nice.

    The paint looks very pretty, I like the colour :)

  2. Nothing like a bargain is there? I think it's so difficult choosing colours.
    Your blueberries look fab!
    Rose H

  3. Thanks ladies, don't know how well the blueberries will do over the years as I have alkaline soil but will keep them going as long as possible. We've now settled on doing the lounge in the same colour with a lighter colour inside the fireplace recess. Will bring more colour into the room with curtains etc.


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