Saturday, 4 August 2012

Puff Pastry Sequel!

We spent some time processing all the rhubarb R. gave us and most of it is now in the freezer. Some is processed and in the fridge waiting to be turned into Rhubarb Sauce (savoury) which we have never made before but liked the sound of it. A small amount will go into a mixed fruit crumble or some such thing. In all, we had 8 lb!!

I used up the final half of the puff pastry last night. I rolled out both quarters to 9” square and spread on a layer of garlic and herb philly cheese. Then DB grated one medium potato, a small onion and around 3 oz cheese. These were mixed together, had salt and pepper added and were laid over the cream cheese.

Once sealed and made into pasties, they were baked at a lower heat of 200C for 20 minutes. Another 5 may have been better but the tray I use tends to burn the bottom of things so I cut it down. Anyhow, the insides were cooked and were lovely, served with fresh tomatoes and sliced gherkins!

I have just discovered my own 'Olympic Flame' in the front garden. This rose normally has medium sized white flowers with 1 or 2 smaller ones behind it. After its first flowering, most of which was made rotten by the rain, it was trimmed back and fed.

This has arrived on one side of it. I shall let it do its thing and see if it can manage to open most if not all of them.


  1. I have got some puff pastry so I think I will try these tonight xxx

  2. Hope you enjoy it. I only used the philly sauce to try and stop the base getting too soggy. Plus I squeezed out the potato once grated. Amazing how much water comes out!


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