Saturday, 18 August 2012


Around 11:30 yesterday morning the roofing man turned up. He wasn't expected until today but another job he should have been doing around the corner, couldn't be done as they were not at home for some reason.

We all went up the ladder onto the scaffolding (and how safe we felt too) to inspect what needed doing. He started to put out loose mortar which started to fall onto the casing of our electric blind. Work was stopped whilst we all tucked protection around it.

He showed us how short the tiles were from the edge of the roof, apparently they were around 1” short and the mortar was leaning backwards rather than slightly forward to allow drainage. He also pointed out how short the batton's were, but more importantly, the entire row was not nailed into place but held there by the rapidly crumbling mortar (and some of our rags to keep the birds out).

We were a little worried that as 2 rows of tiles now needed removing and everything shunted forward to cover the shortage, that it would cost more.

Anyway, after a cup of tea he began work. After an hour or so he asked if we had any more tiles as one had been slightly damaged removing the top curved tiles. We hadn't but hoped our neighbour would. Luckily, he saves everything 'for future use' and had 3 spare ones.

Roofer went home to lunch and mix mortar and returned an hour later. Tiles were slightly shunted forward, replaced, cut to size, drilled ready to be fixed to the batons and replaced. Mortar was then filled in, the 2 curved roof tiles replaced and he was done by about 4:20pm. He asked us to come up and inspect it, were we happy etc. 

We said excellent job and waited for a possible revised amount. He told us the bill would be in the post shortly and it would still be the amount he quoted us. So we were happy with that.

To celebrate, we drove to the sea side, had chips and mushy peas, an ice cream and a lovely walk down the prom. Ah, bliss.


  1. Glad he sorted it for you. We had some work done this year, same roofer we and other family members have used for several years. Great lads, do a good job for a fair price.
    Carol xx

    1. It wasn't as cheap as we had hoped for but he has done a very good job and put our minds at ease about one or two things as well. Will use him again if needed.

  2. Isn`t a good feeling when things work out just right? We just had our reminder for re-insuring the car. As I had no accidents now for a whole year the premium had gone down by nearly £600, so we are well chuffed at that. Those extra pennies saved can now be invested in a holiday to my mum`s for next year. We shall book the flights for it ext week as early booking also means more money savings.

    1. £600 cheaper wow, that is good. It is good to shop around isn't it, knowing you will get a good bargain.


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