Monday, 3 September 2012

A busy day today

DB has been fixing a small hole in the chimney breast where he inadvertently used a screw slightly too large for the hole and raw-plug which made some plaster fall off. The lounge has now been cleared of all the decorating paraphernalia. 
He has also been busy chopping up the pallets our kind neighbour gave us, into kindling. During the week he will tackle the 30 or so logs that are too large for our burner. I say tackle as they are all heartwood and very hard.

Notice the rather large paint smear on his shirt - guess it will now be a working shirt!

More of the furniture has been returned to the lounge. At last I can sit and type in comfort rather than kneeling at the computer! One curtain and its lining has now been tacked into place. I've decided to do one a day else I'll get cheesed off. Here are the before and after pictures:

The kitchen has been a busy place today as well. Another adapted half batch of home made granola has been made. We think this is the one we will use now. 

Two loaves of rye/white bread have been cooked.
I also saved some of the dough to make us a pizza for lunch. 

That way, we can collapse tonight with a cheese and pickle sandwich with a side salad. 

The front garden is slowly changing. Some things are dying until Spring. Others have been cut back and if we are lucky, will flower again before the cold weather comes.


  1. You have been a real busy bee havent you? We are on holiday and are walking and relaxing, its heaven!

  2. You have been busy! I have quite a few paint spattered clothes, and a rather painty denim apron!
    Your pizza looks yummy - I don't really miss cheese until I think about it/see it on pizza. Thanks for the email x


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