Monday, 10 September 2012

Hemming and harvesting

I've been busy this morning taking up another hem and liner on the curtains. Managed to knock the tin of pins off the ironing board and into a basket that currently contains all the wires and plugs for the tv etc.

The air temporarily turned blue before turning back to a tranquil green once hubby brought in a mini magnet and proceeded to pick them all up. Ah...

After that I went to turf out the mini tomatoes that have finished, took some peppers back outside. In the conservatory with no predators, the greenfly and other things were breeding prolifically.

Some more tomatillo's were harvested, bringing the total harvested so far to 1.8kg or just over 3lb. I think there is still at least that amount to come yet.

Amongst them was this little chappie, blowing a raspberry! I wonder why.


  1. Never thought I would say this about a tomato, but how cute is that!!! Xxx

  2. Your tomatillo harvest is coming along nicely, 1,8 kg so far that's good!
    I have never seen one like the one in the photo before :D


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