Saturday, 29 September 2012

Its that time of the year part 2

The final part of making our mincemeat and the cake turned out well.

Once the mincemeat came out of the oven, it was gently turned every now and then to reincorporate the suet.

When nearly cold, it had brandy stirred into it before being put into two sterilized jars. There was a little leftover that we will use to 'stuff' two cooking apples.

DB decided he wanted to make our cake this year and here are a few photographs of it being made.

After it was cooked and cooled, a little brandy was poured onto its upturned bottom. 

An hour later, it had its top fed before being wrapped in cling film and put in a tin. In a few weeks time, it will have its sides done before being wrapped in foil and cling film for another month. A final brandy feed will be given before it is finished off with marzipan and possibly some icing (something I am not too keen on).


  1. Ooh I can almost smell the baking!
    Have never made mincemeat before, and am going to give it a try this year now, thank you!

    1. Good luck FM - don't forget though, my warning about the mincemeat being in the oven for 1 - 1 1/2 hours rather than the 3 hours Delia states. It could be of course that my oven runs hotter than hers.

  2. Your Christmas Cake looks delicious. The stuffed apples sound nice too especially if you have them with custard.

  3. The cake looks delish! Bet it smells lovely in your house!

  4. that looks like a very nice Christmas cake. My dad hasn't made his yet.


  5. awwww, I love the marzipan and icing!

  6. I love marzipan and icing Dan providing the latter isn't too thick.
    Yes Anne, the house did smell marvellous.
    Thank you Karen. Haven't had the apples yet.
    Gill, better get your dad to get a move on!

  7. Love the smell of Christmas cake, evokes happy memories.


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