Tuesday, 18 September 2012


It has been a few days of making in our house. DB had a go at Sachertorte. It wasn't too complicated to do and we used the recipe by Mary Berry which can be found here: Sachertorte

Herewith some photographs:

Something didn't quite go right with the topping as it came out a little gelatinous but set okay in the end. Mind you, it lost its shine as it dried and it had, in places, little white smudges where separation had occurred.

Other than that, it tasted great and in the future when we make it again, we'll use a slightly different topping. We kept 4 slices out and froze the other 8.

Cost wise, it worked out at 63p per slice and would probably have been around 55p a slice if cheaper ingredients had been used. We thought that very good as an original one, if you bought it whole in Austria, works out at £2.76 per slice!


  1. It is and you certainly can't eat more than 1 slice at a time as it is quite rich (well we can't)!

  2. Looks delicious and a lot more expensive than 63p a slice!
    Carol xx

  3. Mary would be very proud of you, and I think you would have passed her technical challenge on The Great British Bake Off.
    Patricia x

  4. J would love that - no chance of me making it for him though as I wouldn't be able to recreate the whisked egg whites. He'll have to make do with plant-bsed brownies!

    1. It is very brownie like in its texture so you probably could exchange it!

  5. I bet I would try, but you are probably very wise!


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