Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Pat over at  A place for everything  has just posted a question about photographic upload problems. Apparently we are limited to how mucy we can upload, did you know that? I didn't, but went onto the blog help and found this out - go to the bottom of the page at this link:
Followed their link to Picasa and signed in using my blog identity etc.
There were all my photographs. Most are locked for access other than through my web but some aren't. How strange. Anyway, it turns out I have used up 9MB of my 1024MB storage space.

Every photograph you upload that is larger than 800 x 800px will 'cost' storage. I would recommend you crop your photographs to less than this. Mine are always cropped at 15cm x 10cm and at 72px. For me to have used some of my storage, some of mine must have been bigger when I first started posting. Now we know.


  1. I used up my limit before my year was up , so had to go through my files on Picasa deleting duplicate photos that had been uploaded. Time consuming - but I refuse to pay for more storage.

  2. Just looked at mine, and I have used 10233 MB of 1024 MB!

    Guess I will be getting a bill, soon!

  3. I have had lots of problems with posting photos until recently. I discovered that the problems seemed to be happening because my photos were too large, I'm uploading smaller ones now and problem solved. i will check what size I am doing so that I know whether or not I am using my storage space up!

  4. I've just been playing about with Picasa and uploaded loads of photos directly to it to go up to my limit. I then uploaded loads more and it does appear to resize them automatically so that you don't add to your storage used. If you go up to your limit downloading them to your blog and then try to add more, it won't resize them automatically. Anyone near their limit will have to upload directly to Picasa, or do as you say and crop them so they don't count as taking up storage space.

  5. Thanks for the info! I will check mine out, must admit I have put some large photos on in the past and am a bit worried now!

  6. Goodness, I never knew about this. I`m not that computer savvy. Shall have to make sure to post small pics from now on. Thanks for that tip-off!!

  7. Thanks for putting this out there as well DC and also for your comment and advice on my post. I'll certainly have to look at the storage issues and will make the photos smaller - not quite sure how but I guess with some tweaking should learn how to.
    Patricia x


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