Saturday, 8 September 2012


Taking a leaf from the blog of Froog's, I decided to have a go at making some faggots. OH adores them but I am not too keen on the bought ones. I love liver so thought - why not make them. 

I use to link to her post which she has since removed.
Bread pulsed into crumbs - a little large but they worked fine:

Onions and celery added:

Then liver (looks rather gory this picture!):

Pork, celery salt, ground pepper, garlic paste and sage:

As Froog's says, get your hands in there and give it a good mush together. The mixture was then divided into 17 balls, and placed into oiled pans, then cooked at 200 Celsius for 30 minutes.

Whilst they were roasting, I made the onion/celery gravy. I meant to do 2 pints but forgot to add the other 1/2 pint of water (jug measures 1 1/2 pints). I also added to stock cubes and a handful of mini tomatoes which we love with liver.

I poured this over the faggots at 30 minutes then put them back in for another 15 minutes. 

I transferred 4 into each foil container and divided the gravy between them. They were then left to go cold, covered and frozen. When I make them again, I will try another of her recipes and make the faggots a little smaller.

Ours cost more to make but each of the 4 trays (one meal for us both) including its gravy came to £1.20. The ones you buy can be that low in price but I know which ones we prefer. After testing one, they were delicious. Being smaller next time, would make them cheaper still!

Thanks again Froog's.


  1. They sound really good. I haven't had faggots in years and they were the ones by Brains that my mum used to give us as kids. Hubby doesn't eat liver so could make half the quantity. I love liver and bacon and cook it for myself occasionally.
    Patricia x

  2. I love homemade faggots - I have one pack left in the freezer, but will have to throw them away as nobody wants them. The rest of my meat, fish and poultry has been given away. I made a fabulous chickpea and vegetable curry this week though!

    1. Shame about that but with no faces allowed any more, guess that's what needs to be done. Curry sounds interesting though.


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