Thursday, 13 September 2012


Welcome to Tanya from Lovely Greens - glad you found me. 
Yesterday was spent harvesting one small row of my rather overgrown (and forgotten about!), multiple twisted carrots! OH scrubbed and peeled them. I sliced and blanched them for 2 minutes before they were cooled in cold water and open frozen.

We started out with around 2lb and ended up with 1 1/2lb. Some were too far gone with carrot root fly but other than that, the rest were in reasonable condition and taste great.

Now I have carrots and beans in my freezer for winter. One more small row is still growing plus a pot. Hopefully they can be harvested before the cold weather comes. We had carrot and pea risotto for tea.

DB has decided to have a go at a Sachertorte after being inspired by The Great British Bake Off show currently on TV. We had most things but needed almonds and chocolate. It serves 12 so we hope to slice it into that amount, freeze slices individually and enjoy over time. Who knows, if this works out well, he might have a go at another one. We hope it will work out cheaper than buying but will let you know.Watch this space!

As Sunday is our weekly weigh day, that is the day we treat ourselves to something nice. By not over-indulging every day, it helps keep not only our weight down but also our food budget.


  1. The risotto looks yummy! The temps are cooling off a little here and I'm looking forward to more cold weather dishes. We're not quite there yet, but the temps have gotten down to highs of 80F for us. A big drop from even a few weeks ago.

    1. Shara, if you look at the page called Pro Points cooking, you will find this recipe has been adapted from Mushroom and Chive Risotto (2nd recipe down). I simply swapped the amount of mushrooms for carrots and peas. This is one of the best risotto recipes I have discovered but can't remember who I got it from. It is yummy and can be adapted to anything you like but the pro points will go up if exchanging vegetables for meat!


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