Sunday, 7 October 2012


Now that Autumn is here and the weather has taken a dramatic nose-dive as far as night time temperatures are concerned, I have been busy harvesting the remains of my fruit/vegetables.

Although my new little greenhouse is capable of maintaining a temperature 2-3 degrees warmer than that outside, it is not frost proof.

Within its confines I have grown some rather weedy looking Hungarian Hot Wax chile peppers as well as 3 extra Red Robin mini tomato plants. They were taken as inter-nodal cuttings a few months back. The peppers will gradually turn redder and get hotter as they ripen further.

Here they are freshly harvested and washed.

A couple of days ago, I also took the fruit from my indoor pepper plants (again a poor show) as well as those from some extra nodal cuttings of a Ferline tomato. Hopefully these will also go red and ripen.

 Finally, the last few tomatillo's have been gathered.


  1. You are certainly not alone in having poor crops this year. I have just been talking about this with a friend and both of us had the same. While my tomatoes have produced a reasonable crop they are still green and are splitting as they turn orange. Hopefully we will get a few ripened on the windowsill. Every little bit helps to eke out the budget. Lets hope for lovely weather and bumper crops next year.

  2. I put my green tomatoes in a shoe box to ripen :)

  3. Lizzie - I used to put mine in a brown bag but at the moment, they are ripening okay in amongst the red ones. Good tip though, especially if you have loads.

    Karen - I was most disappointed I think with the chillies and beetroot. Only got two of those!

  4. I've just got back from the allotment. Our pear crop amounted to 1, and our apple crop ( from 2 trees) amounted to 5. There are barely any blackberries either, but I did pick half a colander of raspberries and a lot of runner beans. The weeds have done well though!

  5. We did have 6 red pears but they kept falling off only half grown. 1 left now but not very good to look at. Other pear tree had 9, 4 of which look pitted and the rest okay but small. No apples. Only 2 beetroot. At least you can freeze your runner beans and enjoy them in winter.

  6. Beautiful rich greenery there! Have you tried slipping a banana in to your bag of ripening fruit? I know they produce gases which aid some fruit ripening - it guess it's worth a go for tomatoes? x

    1. Thank you Kim, your WW roll looks delicious by the way!


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