Monday, 1 October 2012

Never let it be said...

Never let it be said that I am afraid to show my disasters!

We have a saying in our house... it'll be alright with custard! Luckily we all on occasions, have to 'eat our words'.

I had seen a lovely recipe for flapjacks on The Quince Tree blog Flapjacks, and thought I'd give them a go with the oven being on for the mincemeat and cake. They were duly made and smelled lovely. Unfortunately I must have misread the oven temperature as they came out over-cooked and nearly burnt at the edges as well as being quite hard.

The method of making said flapjacks stated they had to be left in the tin until cold. Unfortunately that had the effect of burning the bottom as well.

As I had prepared the tin well, they at least came out without a struggle but could not be cut into slices as they simply fractured into pieces.

DB came and had a look and said the above. We mulled over what to do then decided to put them into a plastic bag and whack them with a rolling pin into pieces. 

I then made one pint of custard (Bird's not crème anglaise!), stirred the crumbs in and poured it into a dish. 

In reality, I should have made 2 pints of custard as the oats (totally forgot they would swell up as in porridge!) sucked up all the custard in about 2 minutes. The next day it was as solid as a cake.

We duly cut it into slices and had a piece each on its own warmed in the microwave. The taste was lovely, sort of a caramel Christmas spice taste with a hint of chocolate (no idea where that flavour could have come from).

Guess we have invented a new pudding. It will need either more custard, cream or evaporated milk as it is rather 'rib stickingly thick'.

So there you go, another case of "it'll be alright with custard"!


  1. That looks and sounds really lovely, anyway flapjacks are far too healthy!!!!

  2. Great idea and it looks scrummy.

  3. We often use the same idea with ice cream. A scoop of vanilla ice cream can do wonders for

  4. Brilliant bit of improvisation!!

  5. What a great idea, I wonder how many other good dishes are the result of (near) disasters.
    Carol xx


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