Sunday, 28 October 2012

Pie and pasties

Well, we had planned on having a nice walk yesterday but the weather put paid to that. By 4.00pm, we had had around 5 torrential rain showers and 6 or 7 heavy hail stone ones. Several more followed well into the evening. The garden had that all too familiar waterlogged look. The wind was blowing at a fair old pace and the skies, though briefly blue at times, were a mixture of very dark and light grey.

As the temperature was no higher than 5 Celsius all day, we decided, late afternoon, to light the wood burner. It was just ticking over nicely (though this is not so efficient as it tars up the door), so only used around 5 logs. I spent most of the day cooking and baking in the warm kitchen and by early evening, my back was complaining.

So, I mentioned on Friday, that we were going to make Scarlet's Gardener's Pie. It was made yesterday but cooked in the oven just enough to set it, rather than make the top brown and crispy as we wanted to re-warm part of it today, in the microwave. 

It was divided up and had grated cheese on top (once out of the microwave, then grilled and served with grilled tomatoes. I think the only additions we made were 3 tablespoons sage and onion stuffing mix, 1 tablespoon oats to thicken it and a large dollop of tomato puree.

It was needless to say, very nice. The aduki beans and puy lentils (that we used) had the texture of meat, whilst the chick peas added crunch. If one is a meat eater, you might well think it meat.  We plan on eating the rest with peas and onion gravy.

Whilst the oven was on I made some pork and kidney pasties. Having done my freezer audit, I came across a few thin pork slices and a small amount of diced kidney. By adding carrots, swede, onions, salt, pepper and sage to the meat, I stretched it to make 9 pasties. Here are the first 5, fresh from the oven.

More tomorrow. Have a lovely day.


  1. MMn your pies look really tasty! I havent done any baking or cooking yet this weekend!

  2. Sounds like a good and productive day in the kitchen. The pie and pastries look delicious!

    Hope you are having a nice evening :)

  3. It was a good day Hilde, most enjoyable if tiring by the end. Thank you Anne.

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed the pie. We ate the last one with some steamed cabbage and onion gravy. I think it will be on the menu this week - real comfort food for cold, dreary weather. Your pasties look good too - isn't it great when you take a small amount of something out of the freezer and end up with a lot?

    1. We are having another pasty tonight and will finish off the pear pudding. The rest of the pie is for Tuesday night. Did you receive my e-mail?

  5. those pasties do indeed look good. I think I need to make pasties soon.....


  6. Everything looks so delicious. I haven't made pasties for a while, might have to put them onto my menu plan over the next few weeks.


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