Thursday, 11 October 2012

Still flowering...

Whilst outside photographing the changing leaf colour of my plants, I also found a few brave souls still flowering. My chrysanthemums aren't even in bud yet so don't think they will make it.

The hydrangea flowers will slowly turn brown and will be left on overwinter to protect next years flowers.

Hibiscus shrub.

 Rudbeckia - one of around 5 plants. 


Alpine Sedum.  

Finally, some purple Sisyrinchium, inherited from the garden of my late father in law. It is currently on its second flowering.


  1. it looks stunning, a riot of colour. How beautiful!

  2. So pretty! I have a couple of roses in bloom, and a bit of crocosmia, and that's about it.

  3. It is nice and unusual to see so many plants still in bloom. Normally in Autumn, my garden is sparse to say the least. My crocosmia has finished and I have one small rose with 3 little blooms just finishing. The rudbeckia I bought this year so hope to have more in years to come.

  4. Oh that was a pretty post. I have a few flowers still out but another couple of frosts and I expect it will all soon be gone.

  5. There is still a lot in bloom in your garden, and it looks beautiful :) I like the colour of the hydrangea.

    We have had several frost night in a row now, so the gardening season is about to end. There is not much left in bloom in my garden, except for an aster which blooms beautifully.

  6. lovely flowers bloom in your autumn your hydrangea!
    have a fab week,
    love regina


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