Saturday, 27 October 2012

Stock Take, pie and soup making

Reminded by Sue over at Our New Life in the Country, I have done a stock take of our small indoor freezer and tall outdoor one. It is something I have been meaning to do for a long while. Now the list is printed and magnet attached to the front of the fridge. Some extra lines have been added in case I make/have something new to freeze.


Sweetcorn 1 Rhubarb 4
Carrots 1 Gooseberries 2
Mushrooms 1 Apple Puree 4
Cauliflower 2 Red Stuff 5
Tomatillo sauce (2 cups worth) 3 Quince Juice 2009 1

Chicken Breasts 4

Faggots (foil boxes) 3

Sausage Flats 10

Mushrooms 1 + 0.5 Fish Fingers 3 meals
Peas 1 + 0.5 Fish Cakes 2
Runner Beans 2 + 0.5

Carrots 1 Gooseberries 1
Broad Beans 0.5 Brambles 1

Blackcurrants 1
Light Christmas Puddings 4 Few Sloes 0
Sponge Puddings 2

Spotted Dick 2 Green Thai Curry Mix 1

Ham Portions 8 Chicken Breasts 3
Game Portions from J. & S. - Belly Pork for 2 1
Chicken Thighs 2 Bone In Chicken Breast 1
Chicken Wings 1 Lamb/Beef Mix 1
Bratwursts 2 in each portion 2 Pot of something 1
Trifle Cake 1 Other Cakes

We have just done our monthly shop and it has come to half of what we would normally buy – not sure why. Anyway, if the weekly top-ups are kept to a minimum, this month should be okay. Certainly have enough meat, vegetables, beans, peas and lentils to see us through.

Overnight, I soaked enough dried goods to make a Gardener's pie courtesy of Scarlet's recipe. Some butter beans about to go out of date, have also been soaked due to finding a nice recipe inside my butter bean jar, for a lovely recipe for spicy bean soup.

Will post about them tomorrow. Have a lovely day folks.


  1. Doing a freezer audit is on my list of 'jobs to do' for Monday. I've been busy sewing for the last couple of afternoons( Mum's birthday present for Thursday), but now that's finished I'll be able to sort the freezers, and do a menu plan for the month.Hope the pie turns out ok - the mixture freezes really well. I used some last week which I'd frozen last time I made it, and it was lovely.Can't wait to see your spicy bean soup - that sounds like something we'd enjoy.

  2. We will be having our first portion of the pie tomorrow, will post on it. The spicy bean soup was very nice. I'll post about that on Monday. I think you will enjoy it.

  3. This is very neat, I ought to be doing it too. Will put it on my list of things to do before Christmas.
    Can't wait to hear about your pie and bean soup.

  4. looking forward to reading how you liked the pie.


  5. Well everyone, have now posted on our first half of eating this pie, lovely it was too.


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