Friday, 26 October 2012


I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever see blue skies again after such a gloomy, dull and foggy few days. This was the view from our front window around 9.00am this morning. 

Since then, the clouds have arrived but little bits of blue are still visible in places - just enough to patch a pair of Dutchman's trousers, as my mother in law used to say!

Wandered around the garden this morning taking photographs of a few brave souls still in bloom. With frost forecast for us, for the next week or so, this may be the last time I see them – sniff!

The dahlia has only just begun to flower so it will be cut off in its prime.

I have harvested the last few carrots in the raised beds, plus two leeks in readiness for a pie tomorrow. I still have some in a tub but they aren't ready - and might never be. 

The strawberries that I have raised from runners have been planted in one of the raised beds (still in their pots) to give them some protection during winter. 

Taking a handy hint from Hilde, I have also put my potted Rosemary into the greenhouse to see if it fares better than last year.I may well lose my Bay plant as last year, it was in a pot against a south facing wall. This year (completely forgetting about winter hardiness) I planted it in the garden in an exposed place. Might try putting fleece on it.

I'm off now to warm some of the soup from yesterday to have for lunch. Tea tonight will be jacket potato or wedges, bratwurst and some salad using the lettuce that I finished harvesting yesterday.

All go isn't it! 


  1. great photos. We are forecast to have rain for the next week, very British like!!!


  2. What delightful images.
    I'd certainly dig up the bay and pot it up to place in the greenhouse. If we get a really bad winter I don't think even fleece would save it outside.
    I have to put both my bay trees in the greenhouse or unheated conservatory each year. I wrap in hesian as well - belt and braces I'm afraid.
    Rose H

    1. Thanks for the advice Rose. I don't have a greenhouse as such, only a small mini one and the bay bush is too large. It is duly wrapped and I may add another fleece to the thick double one. If it dies, it dies.

  3. It is nice to see a blue sky again after some grey and gloomy days, isn't it :)
    The flowers are very pretty and colourful. You are very lucky to still have so many flowers in bloom in your garden.

    The chilli sauce recipe is on my blog, posted back in September. Sorry I didn't tell you then, but I thought you would see it.
    This is a sweet chilli sauce, so if you want it less sweet just cut back a little on the sugar.

    Have a nice weekend :)

    1. Thanks for that Hilde, I'll have a look at it. Have a nice weekend yourselves.x


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