Monday, 19 November 2012

Looks like it has reached Norfolk... BEWARE!

I consider myself pretty au faix regarding postal and telephone scams and can usually detect them a mile away. However, luckily for me on this occasion, DB answered and put the phone down.

He them came to tell me, where I got a little confused, and went to find out about it on-line. The following links to someone quite savvy who was alerted straight away.

This link is from Staffordshire Trading Standards and is worded a little differently but also has some numbers of use (not always we have found), such as the Telephone Preference Service and Silent Call Guard (not heard of that one).

Basically they telephone and start speaking straight away about your pension and a bonus in the next few weeks of £1000.

WARNING: They don't ask for anyone so anyone who answers will think it is for them.

They then ask you to press 5 or is you have been contacted before, to press 9 to unscribe.

WARNING: This links you to a premium phone line and can quite quickly add up to £100's of pounds on your bill.

If they call again, we thought we might just listen and not push any numbers to see what happens (hopefully it is not a reverse charge call of any kind).  


  1. Thanks, I will keep an eye out for this!. Abigail

  2. I HATE these things. I keep getting calls about my 'recent accident' [what accident? must have caused amnesia!]

  3. I used to get a few of those scam calls, but usually hung up on them straight away. Haven`t suffered any lately. We occasionally get someone phone us for a survey, and they get short thrift, too. I`m afraid, we don`t play friendly and polite when they phone us with these. I don`t answer anything, just hang up straight away. That`s the only way to deal with these calls.

  4. That's frightening that you can knock up that sort of bill without realising it. Thanks for the warning xxx

  5. Thank you for the warning. We often get unsolicited calls (despite opting for the Telephone preference thing)usually about ppi claims, accidents we can't remember etc. etc. DH normally answers, says he can't understand what they are saying (which is often true as his hearing isn't very good), says goodbye and replaces the phone. As we are slower than we used to be, often the answer phone kicks in before we get there so they disconnect and save us the bother. I'll tell him about these scams too.


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