Friday, 30 November 2012

Picture this ...

Welcome to my two new followers, Jan and Sue h.

We've lost two soup spoons out of a set of 6. We remember using them for the accompaniments for the Indian meal on Tuesday, since then, no sight. Our guests helped us wash and dry but we put things away.We have hunted high and low, in every cupboard, drawer, nook and cranny. Can we find them? Can we heck.

As a last desperate attempt, hubby decided to check the bins as they were due to be emptied. He duly got dressed, put some gloves on and out he went into the cold, frosty morning. Said bin was pulled back into our hedge archway (presumably so he couldn't be seen by some of the neighbours/ or to keep out of the wind). Each of the few bags was ripped opened, searched and tipped into a new bag.

Neighbour came out in his pyjama's and dressing gown to put his bin out. A short explanation obviously followed as he wheeled his bin round to our side and indicated we check the rubbish again and put it all loose into his bin.

DB by now had almost crawled into our bin to get the bag at the very bottom, so only his bottom and legs was visible. Our neighbour was stood the other side of the bin so only his top was visible. They looked like two non-matching halves of the game Guess Who, that we used to play with our DS. when he was small.

Our neighbour stood around for a while offering support and moral, it really was something like a scene with Compo and friend from 'Last of the summer wine'. Eventually neighbour got too cold and went in, don't blame him, it was -2 Celsius out there!

Did DB find them? Did he heck.

That just leaves the compost bin to search at a later date. If we don't find them in there, they'll have to be replaced, even if they don't match.


  1. Once you stop looking or replace them ,they will turn up in the most unlikely place Jan xx P.S.Where in Norfolk? I live in Ramsey near Huntingdon in Cambs xx

    1. I just leave it at Norfolk Jan, nothing personal.

  2. I can just picture it. Sounds like something out of a panto! I must admit there have been several times when I've donned rubber gloves and attacked the dustbin when I've lost a receipt for something I'm going to return to the shop. Have a great weekend.
    Patricia x

    1. We have found several things in our compost bin but haven't checked for these yet.

  3. How utterly frustrating. We lost one of our wedding present forks one summer, after a huge party. Never did find it, despite bin searches [and couldnt replace with exact replica either] You have my sympathies.

    what make /style are your spoons? You should post details on the blog- somebody out there might have 2 spare ones lurking in a drawer

    After all, last weekend WAS 'stir-up Sunday'!!
    blessings xx

    1. They were some from John Lewis but as we didn't keep the box or receipt, can't remember what they are called.

  4. Compost bin? Friends' pockets? ;)

    I find we are doing this more often as we get older...losing our marbles as well as our belongings!

  5. The mental picture of the 'bins' escapade made me laugh ;o)
    My Mom always asks St Anthony to help her find things - she says it works!
    Rose H

  6. I lost all of my remote controls for 8 months when I moved here - guess where they turned up? at a friends house. Now you tell me how that happened?


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