Sunday, 25 November 2012

The best laid plans...

As I was going to have the oven on for roasting some belly pork slices with veg and potatoes, I thought I'd also make some mini sticky toffee puddings for freezing.

As they went in the oven, I prepared and oiled said vegetables and put them in the pan, undid the parcel of meat to find...

they were not the belly pork slices I was expecting but bacon slices!

DB was quite happy to have bacon and roasted vegetables but I covered them with cling film, found the belly pork slices in the freezer and put them both in the fridge for tomorrow.

So, a bit of a waste of oven space but these things happen. Anyway, the puddings are ok. Just need to make and freeze the toffee sauce then they will be ready for later in the year.

A 'saving' I did the other day was for some ingredients for Thai green curry. I was trying to make a light version of it but only had full fat coconut milk. I emptied the can, added a can of water to make it lighter. I lined a freezer container with cling film and froze the milk in 200ml portions. The jar of paste also needs to be used up quite quickly once opened so I divided it into 2 tablespoon portions and froze those. 

These were then united and re-wrapped to give me quick access to the sauce when I need it. Here is one such pack just out the freezer waiting to be used once defrosted.


  1. So frustrating to discover a packet you thought was X was actually Y. It certainly leads to added creativity in the kitchen.
    At least it wasn't a 'meat' pie which turned out to be full of fruit!

    weekend blessings x

    1. Now that would have been hard work, eating roasted vegetables with a fruit pie!

  2. Those puds look divine! Sticky toffee puds have to be my favourite.

  3. Ive never thought of freezing the remainder of those jars of paste. I wonder if pesto could be frozen too. Quite often when it has been opened it goes back into the fridge for another time but because it has a use by of 4 weeks or so, guess what - yes it gets binned. The sticky toffee puds look good.
    Patricia x

    1. Don't see why not Patricia, give it a go. I just got frustrated at having to through bits of jars away so now I do this.

  4. I have had a few of those packages. Glad you figured out what to do with it all though. Got a good recipe on my blog for tomorrow,

    Gill in Canada

  5. Oh I did that the other day, wanted to have spaghetti bolognaise and defrosted one of my sauces, turned out it was beef casserole which didn't quite work with spaghetti, never mind, as you say, these things happen.


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