Monday, 26 November 2012

Uploading photographs and deleting some to get more storage space

It seems one or two people have reached, or are close to, the photo limits on their blogs. We all tend to get carried away when adding photographs and some who are new to blogging, don't realise there is a limit.

One way around this is to have another blog that you link your existing blog to. That way, you can discuss different things on different blogs. We are all allowed 100 blogs each – goodness me, that would take a bit of organising!

However, if you have the software to do it, always make sure you upload photographs that have been reduced down to 15 cm x 10 cm at 72 pixels (or 10 cm x 15 cm at 72 pixels). That way, you should be able to get loads on your blog without reaching your limit.

When you have reached your limit, or you don't want to split your blog into various parts, what is the answer? Google blog has a fantastic help section so I have dived into it to give you somewhere to go.

When you upload a photo to your blog, it goes into a Picasa web account (which you can access whilst still logged in, or sign into using your blog details). Didn't know that, no, neither did I in the early days

First of all, find out where you are regarding your limit. Make sure you are logged in, link to the above page, go down to the bottom and press the link to your web album page. You should arrive at your home page and see your blog's web album. At the bottom, is your limit and where you currently are within it - here is mine from this morning.

If you have reached your limit and don't want to upgrade, then you are going to have to do a little hard work to sort it out. You need to delete photographs from your blog, lets face it, we all add too many anyway, so releasing some room by paring them down will help. Do some from the early days of your blog which will probably be very large when you didn't know any better. If you have a post with several in, you can easily delete some.

How to delete a photo you have uploaded to your blog

When you have finished, check back into your album to make sure they have disappeared and given you more storage space.


  1. Very timely advice! I'm sure I was one of the bloggers you are referring technical ineptitude is well known. I have had so much good advice from more knowledgeable folk than me and you have given me something extra to think about.
    I should perhaps limit my photos but they are a big part of my blog, and I know this is what I enjoy looking at other blogs generally. (Not always, good written content is high on my list!)

    Thanks again for the tips. Lx

  2. If I upload a photo 15cm x 10cm at 72 pixels its size is 352KB. When it comes straight off my camera its size is 46cm x 35cm and 300 pixels making it 63.5MB. That is a huge difference and is what takes up your storage rate of Picasa. So if possible try not to upload straight from the camera as the pictures are too large.
    As we all get 1024 MB of free storage in Picasa, you can see how easily it can be used up.

  3. Good advice. I've been looking through mine, only 13% taken up so not too bad as I used big photos when I first started. I have been using much smaller ones ever since, so I think I am ok for a good few years.

  4. Thats good advice.I'll check it out. I read someones blog this weekend who recommended using photobucket!That sounds pretty straightforward.

  5. All this seems good advice for someone that knows their way around on the comp. I`m not that clever and find it rather hard to adapt. Whatever I do on my comp I had to teach myself. My wider knowledge is not that great to do all this fiddle faddling about. I have not decided yet what to do about my problem(having reached my photo limit). I let you know how I get on in a while.

  6. I'm one of those whose account is about full. Can you do 100 blogger blogs or do you have to use a different option?


      Shara, check out this help page, might answer your question. It says we have a total picture storage of 1 GB so that might be what is across the 100 blogs PER ACCOUNT, but not sure, could always email them.

  7. Thank you for this advice DC. I'll definitely be taking it as my limit has already exceeded for larger photos.
    Patricia x

    1. No reason why you can't try making those pictures smaller Pat, then you might get some storage back. Could open another blog under your signing in account and shove something from your current blog to it possibly.


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