Thursday, 21 February 2013

Video Games - The New Crysis 3

Whilst watching the final episode of Utopia, Channel 4's bleak drama about the future of mankind, an advert appeared for the next version of the video game Crysis 3, which will be released in the UK tomorrow. Here is the link to the trailer: Crysis 3

Whilst I don't play this myself, I irritate DB to hell and back yelling out things to him, such as "watch out, duck, to your left, to your right, they're behind you". We have a 'vested' interest in this as DS, amongst many, helped create it. It is all too easy to have very negative feedback about games such as these (in this case fighting aliens already on our planet as well as those who chose to be their allies) yet the graphics are superb and you really feel as though you are at the cinema rather than in your front room.

There is more to games like this than the mere shoot em up types, which I find incredibly boring to watch and DB finds them even more boring to play. We like a story to our games and believe it or not, you actually care very much about not only the person you are playing in the game but what happens to them, do the good guys win etc. A whole gamut of emotions is played out in this and similar games.

Two other games DS has introduced us to (but who is not connected with) are Red Dead Redemption whose lead character John Marston (he of the very sexy voice) is forced by government agents to do their bidding otherwise he won't see his unfairly jailed wife and child again. You really care about what happens to him and I for one, felt shattered at the ending. It was very similar to watching a really good western that has an unexpected ending, leaving you feel angry and sad at the same time.

Finally, the Nathan Drake series, a charismatic character who seems to be a cross between James Bond and Indiana Jones. Another character you care about, get angry with, annoyed at yet want will him to succeed. A bit like being a mother in real life, you want to remonstrate with him yet ruffle his hair at the same time. A very likeable and lovable rogue!

The only comment I would make to the makers of these games is to not put all your energy into the multi-player versions. Anyone who is slightly older (or even greatly older) than the age range such games are aimed at, cannot react as quickly and often find the multi-player versions too fast and confusing (which is irritating as those are the versions DS works on!). Just a comment which I hope someone might take note of.


  1. I've not played on a computer game for years, I started off as the Tetris queen in our house, with my boys (then aged about 12 and 6) desperate to beat my score but as far as I know I still hold my crown. Then I got brilliant at Super Mario (is this ageing me and whizzed through the levels.

    Finally, and my last ever attempt at a console computer game was in a driving game, I can't remember the name of it, you had to steal cars and other vehicles and race around in them knocking people over and damaging things (nice I know!!), I stole an ambulance and somehow got it wedged under the edge of a flyover, my son was in stitches as I struggled to free this damned ambulance and then even he struggled to free it, he thought for about 10 minutes his game was ruined.....then I was barred from touching his games console every again :-)

    No loss - now I play Bejewelled and Zuma on my computer, I outgrew Solitaire after about a month of owning a computer.

    My grandchildren have every console and game going but I'd be lost if they asked me to play.

    Sue xx

  2. The only games I have played are Little Big Planet 1 & 2 and Mario Cart Racing. Enjoy doing that but love to watch whilst DB is playing. He always waits if I am out the room if we know a big video scene is coming up.

  3. I play Poptropica with my 8 year old grandson. I am no good at it but he does nt seem to mind !
    Scrabble is more my thing...............


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