Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Compost and wood ash...

Welcome to my new follower andrea.rey.

Yesterday, we spent a short time in the garden (just too cold in the wind despite the sun).

Three holes were dug in one raised bed and we half buried 3 containers. Into these went a mixture of compost and soil and then 3 potatoes were added to each. More compost/soil was added and then the bed covered with perspex which we shall open each day.

DB was busy in the garage chopping logs that were too big for our burner. Today he has an aching shoulder! Such is the problem with growing older. Maybe we need to invest in something that chops them for him.

The back garden fences have now all been painted. The driveway ones normally get done in summer. We actually had to water container plants as their soil was drying out!

We had our second roast lamb dinner followed by the final mini sticky date puddings. Also had a lovely long chat with DS. TheyY and FDiL's parents had been busy helping paint their lounge.

Today has started nice and sunny and positively balmy in the sun but still cold in the shade where I am working to empty the compost bin. We have just about got half way and I have put some away into bags ready to mix with other stuff to pot up my strawberries into their new home.

One smallish container's worth has been tipped onto each vegetable bed and hopefully, each will have the same amount again when we have finished.

I've also put wood ash around all fruit except the blueberries. I remembered to water it it as well otherwise it either blows away or forms a hard crust – neither of those situations is ideal.

We have now come in for leek, potato and lamb soup and I shall spend the rest of the day indoors, mincing up the remains of the lamb leg and making things to eat and freeze.


  1. I am interested in what fruit plants/trees you put ash around? With having the wood stove going since last year we have an awful lot of ashes. I also have put ashes around my blueberries, why don't you?

    Gill in Canada

  2. I have a slightly more alkaline soil so adding wood ash might make it more alkaline and blueberries like an acidic soil. See this link where I read about it: http://apps.rhs.org.uk/advicesearch/Profile.aspx?pid=621

    I put it around my apple, pears, plum and quince trees, also roses. I tend not to put it in my compost heap unless it shows signs of being too acidic i.e. worms all sitting in the lid rather than in the compost. I think though my compost bins are okay as like I said, my soil is slightly alkaline. We can for instance only grow winter rather than summer heathers. I am currently emptying tea leaves onto my blueberries as that apparently helps keep the soil more acidic. Like you I have far more than I need.

    1. Forgot to say, I use only a small handful around each plant, then dig or water it in well.

  3. You really are getting ahead with the gardening. We haven't done a stroke yet! Hubby has just serviced the mower and he painted the shed a few weeks ago, thats it! just waiting for some warmer weather and then the first job is the leylandi hedge... ugh!!!

    Karen x

    1. Slowly slowly catchy monkey (or something like that!),

  4. I didn't know that about the worms sitting in the lid of the compost bin (which mine do) so thank you I will put some wood ash in the bin xxx

    1. If huge amounts of worms are in your lid (according to my wormery instructions see no reason why a compost bin would be much different) it may mean your compost is anaerobic (going acidic and not enough air). This can be dealt with by tipping it out, mixing in wood ash, paper, straw etc, then putting it all back in. An anaerobic bin has a not very pleasant smell. I only just found it out myself!


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