Sunday, 7 April 2013

Move before July 1st 2013! UPDATED

It would seem that we can't bury our heads in the sand over this issue.

For example, I have another blog where I have uploaded video's to YouTube. As Google links to these video's, it seems they or that link might disappear and I'll be left with a blank screen. Haven't yet figured if bloglovin does a similar thing or whether I will have to do something else to keep the video's. Also, what about all our pictures. They are stored in our attached blog Picasa albums. They too may disappear as Google readers links to our albums. So we really do need to do something.

Here is a link to frequently asked questions and answers about bloglovin support

For example, even though I am not yet registered with Bloglovin, I checked what I looked like and it is this:

Or, if you wish here is a link to the page where it displayed here - not sure how long it will be there for you to look at.

If you want to use another reader that links directly to Google reader for easy export try Feedly a video of which can be found here He has a strange voice but it is okay once you get to listen for a while. You can just type Feedly in on your search engine and go to their home page to find out more.

However, if like me, you use Firefox to access the internet, you can go to Firefox Support and download Feedly for a slightly different magazine style look. The link for this is here Simply click on it and reload your page and a little green icon appears near the top of your address bar. Here is Frugal Queen on Feedly

As it links directly to Google Reader (for now) it is supposed to be very easy to move content from them to Feedly. One man on the many video's I have been watching about this pain in the neck closedown said "Don't limit yourself to just on RSS feed (reader to you and me) never put all your eggs in one basket". So it might be useful to go with both bloglovin and feedly, who knows.

I still can't find out if we will be able to use our blogs as per normal. You can't blog about anything on these RSS readers, they simply let you read what you are looking for. I suppose therefore, that you blog as per normal on your google blog.

I'm exhausted now folks, out to do some gardening and maybe painting of raised beds!

Right. I've been busy on the old keyboard and linked my blog into both Bloglovin and Feedy. VERY VERY EASY.


  1. Thanks for your posts about bloglovin, I have been reading them, though haven't commented as I have not had any advice to give about it. I have signed up to bloglovin, but so far I am rather clueless to how it works... Hopefully I will figure it out with a little practicing. I see you have got your following button up, so I am going to follow your blog now :)

    Hope you are having a lovely Sunday! I'll be going out for a long good evening walk in a little while.

    1. I've also signed up via Feedly - on their site you can decide how you want it all to look. In comparison, Bloglovin seems very limited. However, time will tell.

  2. Thanks for the update, I know will need to do something but I'll wait a while. Wonder if moving to Typepad is an option, although I know there is some charge, not sure how much. Free trial available at the moment.
    Hope you enjoyed the gardening, I've enjoyed being able to work without a coat.
    Carol xx

  3. P.s. just checked Typepad and middle range is £10 per month. I don't blog enough to justify paying the charge.
    Carol xx

  4. I'll be posting again on it tomorrow.


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