Sunday, 14 April 2013


Welcome to my new follower Frugal Mum of 3.

As if tearing apart an old shed isn't enough work for two, we also helped B empty her pond (10' x 3') and haul out massive overgrown lilies and iris's. We managed to do it all (including refilling) in just under 2 hours. Then she rewarded us with a strong cup of tea and toasted hot cross buns - yum!

She will have to pot on the plants we kept. We had all previously gone to a garden centre as she needed some other things for her garden as well. I bought another piece of oxygenating weed for the back pond as the resident weed has some slimy algae attached to it.

Part of the front pond has some frog spawn in it so that is good.
Also the daffodils in pots outside the lounge window and in the front gravel garden, are flowering.
It is currently 20C here with a stiff breeze. Our neighbour has just got his Harley Davison out, no doubt to pootle off to the seaside. Luckily, he doesn't keep it running for long as it has a very loud growl!

Currently have some carrot and lentil soup cooking for lunch, whilst I am doing this post. Must make some frugal laundry liquid as the past two washes have been done in cheap shampoo (nice and clean and smell lovely). I need to pot on 4 out of my 7 tomatoes as they have now got their true leaves on. The tomatillo's have at long last, started to show some germination.

I have also updated my Walks II page with this week's walk for those who are interested. Have a lovely day folks!


  1. 20 degrees! Wow! It hasnt been that warm here, only 14 or so but it has been noticeably warmer.I managed to garden between the showers, its great to be able to garden again.

    1. No doubt we shall feel it after today as it is due to be around 12 or so for next week! We have been promised rain for several days but so far, have only had very light showers. The dust blowing off the fields in this wind is amazing.


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