Thursday, 16 May 2013

Identified at last

On my walks II page from last week, I had asked if anyone knew what one of these were:
No-one responded but luckily, B. had looked for it on-line and it is a Butterbur - (Petasites). We had first seen some of them whilst in Wales and although I had always seen lots of its leaves whilst out walking, this was the first time I had seen it in flower. So now I know.

Here are some more lovely wildflowers we have found whilst out walking in the past few weeks. These are two different types of orchid, we think fragrant and common spotted but you may know differently!

Huge groups of these have been noted - water avens - (Geum Rivale):
Here is some Cuckoo Flower or Lady's Smock - (Cardamine Pratensis):
There were also a few large patches of this but I have no idea what it was:
After we got back from our walk yesterday, we nipped back to B's. as she had a present for us:
Two large bunches of home grown asparagus from a friend of hers - how lovely.


  1. So beautiful - what a treat to see the orchids! Are you going to do something special with the asparagus or just enjoy it cooked simply? I love asparagus soup.

    1. I made the chicken and vegetable in a white sauce and added the asparagus to it. We had half for tea with pasta.

  2. Hi.

    I think that both of your orchid photos are of Early Purple Orchid, albeit there is some variation which is why they look like different plants. This spring the extended spell of cold weather has put the orchid season back by several weeks, so many species such as Fragrant Orchids aren't flowering yet in Norfolk. The deep purple, white area at the centre, and just a few spots near the middle of the flower are all typical of Early Purple Orchid, as are the big black blotches on the leaves. Fragrant Orchids wouldn't have these blotches, whilst Common Spotted would have a paler coloured flower with lots of deeper pink markings.


    1. Thank you for that James, nice to have things confirmed. It is the first time we have seen orchids in bloom and didn't have a book with us. I had to go on-line and wasn't at all sure had identified them correctly.


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