Friday, 14 June 2013

A do dah kind of day...

Not a lot happening today, I am taking it easy due to a bout of tachycardia. I get them very infrequently and normally, within a few hours, everything is back to normal. Last bout was around 5 or 6 years ago when I was under a lot of stress. As I am very relaxed and calm, I don't know why this one is happening. However, it began a day or so ago, so this morning I went to the surgery to get an emergency appointment to have it checked out. As is sod's law on a Friday, all the emergency ones had gone (by 9:30am) but I told the receptionist what was happening and that I didn't feel right.

Just got home when my doctor (luckily) phoned to check me out and told me to come back in 30 minutes when he would squeeze me in. His very posh pulse oximeter with pleth display was put on my finger and after glancing at it also took my pulse - a bit disconcerting. BP taken, within normal ranges but slightly high for me as I have lowish blood pressure. 

He did agree my pulse was up (100) and asked how long I had been sitting in the waiting room (20 minutes said I), checked out my oxygen levels - 98% and listened to my heart. Told me I had sinus tachycardia and occasional arrhythmia (well, I already knew that as I have been monitoring my heart rate and rhythm for a day or so). Did I want beta-blockers - er - no! 

He booked me for an ECG next week to check out the irregular heartbeats that are accompanying the tachycardia (bet all will be normal)  and says I am fine but should anything different happen to go to A & E. Other than feeling spaced out (which is normal when they occur) and having my chest and neck thudding quietly (again normal for tachycardia) nothing has changed. Heartbeat still around the 80-90 mark whilst resting.

So don't panic folks, I am fine (just in case family are reading this!)

Anyway, the sun is shining intermittently, the weather is warmish and a whole line of clothes has been dried and awaits ironing (DB does that!) We have lettuces coming out of our ears in the salad bed, shan't be able to use them all but will give it a go. Bread is rising, yoghurt is made and all is well. We still have the skittish gold finch on her nest. Can't really see any birds hatching the amounts of times she flies off. By the same score, we can't keep not going in the back garden just because she is there! Silly bird.


  1. Take care and keep resting. Much love x

    1. I aim to, thank you. My BP is now down to normal for me 104/66 but my pulse is still near 90. Just feel as though I want to burp all the time to get rid of the pressure. This is certainly the longest time it has lasted.

  2. Sorry to read that you've been feeling rough. I hope things calm down and get back to normal soon.
    Rose H

    1. I do as well Rose but have woken up this morning still at 90 bpm!

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon.xx


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