Monday, 17 June 2013


DB has worked really hard on his box and at last it is finished.

We had an old rust coloured tablecloth so used it to line the inside. Originally, he used double sided tape but it didn't stay put in places. Then bostik was used and that made it a bit messy. In the end, he used small fine tacks. That certainly made the fabric covered card stay put. Unfortunately, hammering them in, made some of the leg joints where they joined the box, spring apart.

Out it went again into the garage to be glued together. Eventually, with the addition of a nice brass handle, it was finished. Here is the before and after internal pictures.

I think that should be fine. He also placed two small plastic button things on the front corners to make it quiet when being closed. All he has to do now is put things in it! Total cost £30.


  1. That looks lovely. Great job done.

  2. It looks great :) What a good job!

  3. A job well done, it's lovely.

  4. I love the shape of it, and the wood has come up beautifully. Great job DB!

  5. It's gorgeous DC, please congratulate DB it's a credit too him :o)
    Rose H

  6. Thank you heleng, Hilde, Sue and Scarlet. I must admit it does look good and fits in well with mostly light oak furniture in the lounge. He used the lightest of oak stains otherwise it would have been too pale.

  7. Looks fab!! Well done that Hubby of yours! Nice job!

  8. Brilliant, Dc. It really shows up well for all the hard work. Just shows what you can achieve if you put your mind and elbow-grease to it! Lx

    1. Such a difference from the sad and sorry looking thing we first brought home.

  9. Sarina and Rose - he loves doing things like this, just doesn't get the opportunity very often.


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