Saturday, 1 June 2013


Welcome to my new follower anonamead. Hope you enjoy the read!

We went to a charity warehouse to drop off two office chairs that we no longer have room for. I wandered around whilst DB sorted it all out. One of these - (sewing/knitting/embroidering cabinet) was standing just inside the door, marked down to half price.

Not the cheapest despite that, but DB never has anywhere to put his tapestry things so I pointed it out to him and thought it might be a good 'job' for him to tackle now he has finished building the under stairs storage space. We came home with it and he has already made a start on stripping it bare and cleaning it.

Herewith a picture:
I'll post more photographs as it progresses. With the nice weather this past weekend, I took some photographs of the back and new side garden to show you some progress. In raised bed number 2, is Moroccan Cress, a type of lettuce:
In the same bed are two different types of red/green lettuce
Bed 1 is currently empty and bed 3 has hardly any growth at the moment.
This next picture shows the left back fence where apple trees and one plum grow. It is also one of two flower borders in the back garden.
This herb planter (built last year) sits on the patio and is in full growth.  Just behind it is our mini greenhouse currently housing tomatoes, tomatillo's, beans and some new lettuce seedlings.


  1. The sewing box will come in really handy.Isnt it funny how you take something to charity shops but inevitably end up bringing something back too (or is that just me?!)
    Fab how the gardens seem to have sprung back to life really quickly.

    1. The gardens are at last beginning to look good. Roll on summer!

  2. Your garden looks good, Never tried tomatilloes, are they worth growing?

    1. We find they are. Once settled (are happy outdoors but will grow indoors better) and very prolific. They are eaten usually cooked but form a nice base sauce for a lot of mexican food. Some people eat them chopped in a salsa or guacamole. They are quite expensive to buy from specialist outfits! See here or here
      Might be worth giving them a go yourselves then decide.

  3. I bet he will wonder how he ever did without it!!

    Your beds are lookig very organised. We are well-netted this year after a couple of disasters with pigeon thieves!
    I am a bit cross as the promised sunshine hasn't arrived and we are off to a BBQ and folky evening soon. Pshaw! or some such expression!

    1. DB likes to do tapestry work and it will be handy to keep all his stuff together plus give us another 'table'. Guess you might have to wrap up warm for tonight then.

  4. I love the table, it'll be just the job for keeping the tapestry things together.
    Your garden is doing well. I've finally planted runner and dwarf beans, I cannot bear the thought of not picking and eating them.
    Enjoy the sunshine :o)
    Rose H

    1. DB has been working on it further. The hardest part was trying in vain to get to its one wobbly leg so in the end he had to screw through the base to secure it. My bean plants are barely visible but they have now gone out with a pop bottle barrier.


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