Friday, 21 June 2013

More flowers, tick tock and handy tips...

First of all, welcome to my new follower Briony, glad to have you aboard the old Norfolk express!

Had my ECG this morning. Blood pressure is now back to normal but pulse still between 85 and 95 at rest! No doubt, I will hear in a few days what if anything is going on. Odd he didn't do a blood test as my iron levels are always low (anaemia can make you breathless) and who knows what my thyroid is doing (my mum had to have a partial thyroidectomy when she was younger). If he doesn't get in touch I shall go and see him anyway about something else.

No rain to speak of so far, just one quick shower last evening. Here are some more things from my garden. The first of the four Peony plants in bloom with lots more to come.
My two Clematis beginning to flower. Their name labels are long gone so have no idea what they are called. The magenta one grows better than the pale version and I let it wander around its neighbours as it seems to sulk if I try to grow it upwards!

Three 'milk container' planters are done. A fourth is almost finished being painted. I have potted up another 6 plants ready to be potted into them. I am trying Nicotiana, French marigold and Verbena.
I think the Nicotiana at 60cm will be asking a lot of it but who knows. DB is in the process of making and painting a heavy duty bar to thread them onto. When they are done and in full flower, I'll post a picture - watch this space!

Finally, if you want some handy household cleaning tips that don't cost the earth try some of these handy tips


  1. Gorgeous flowers. I love the garden at the moment, lots of things in flower and plenty of colour and perfume, its lovely to just sit in it when the weather is as warm as it has been.

    1. I don't like sitting in the sun but enjoy eating out if I can find some shade or we have the awning out.

  2. Can't get over the fact your peonies are in such gorgeous profusion, and mine still tight buds. Our veggies are a bit sad this year, too as the ground has been so cold.

    1. I don't really know why that should be. I do often find though that only the main flower opens. Despite being cut off when it has finished flowering, the two side buds often don't open.

  3. wonderful your clematis and the pink peonia.
    wish you a nice time in your lovely garden,

  4. Our pink peonies have flowered and finished for this year. I am hoping the next couple of days are going to be fine as we are away again from Wednesday and I have loads of free plants to get into the ground.


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