Thursday, 10 October 2013

Giving... and a link to Elaine at Mortgage Free in Three

First of all, welcome to my new follower via Bloglovin - Linda Wilson.

Elaine has been writing recently about something here appealing to knitters, sewers and those with a little spare cash to buy underwear (intrigued then go read). If you can help, please read and start!

Yet again, another two months have past without giving so I am playing catch up! Both these charities are international and larger than those I normally give to. However, they are both a little more unusual and both animal based.

The first was a new one to me that I became interested in after watching a programme about them on the BBC. I try very hard (and it is sometimes difficult) to not buy any products that have palm oil or palm sugar in them. Rain forests are being decimated in order to grow this produce. Just how many animals and plants are we killing let alone destroying future cures through this destruction?

The first charity is here The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation.

The second charity is this one The World Society for the Protection of Animals. I won't post any pictures from here as some are too gruesome and there are many animals in need of rescue and from exploitation.

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