Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Tidying up

My new garden down by the garage has proved quite fruitful this year. We have had about 14 lbs of Bambino cherry sized tomatoes, 4lbs of tomatillo's and 3 lbs of French and runner beans. The beans did the least well, partly because the first batch germinated then died, so this harvest was from those sown late May.

Everything has now been dug up and some flowers planted in for winter. I hate planting things in a straight line, but after doing 4 tubs for the front door area

there were only a few plants left so I stretched them to fit the area
Both these areas have been planted with dwarf wallflowers, viola's and winter pansies so should fill out quite nicely.

In the front garden, the pink Hibiscus has flowered the best it has for years.
Every morning, oodles of buds open and by the end of the day, they have all closed and finished.

Now all I have to do, is fathom out what to do with my third sowing of lettuces which have gone mad. There is only so much salad we can eat so some may well go into soups with other things or into dishes where they could replace spinach.


  1. Wow you did do well with your harvest of tomatoes and beans. So your newly planted side of the garage garden really paid off and worked for you.
    Patricia x

  2. It might be because it is west facing and the wall warms up nicely to give a bit of late heat.

  3. Your pots look really pretty and your garden along the garage will fill up nicely when the things get going - I think they'll look less like they're in a line when they bush out. I picked another colander and a half of tomatoes today. The kitchen smells wonderful as I've roasted them with courgettes, onions, herbs and garlic, which means there's more stuff to go into the freezer!

    1. Thank ye! I have just found two pots of nice, small flowered narcissus so shall put them down the garage bed as well. We have 2 trays of small tomatoes gradually ripening in the conservatory which we are hoping to eat fresh. I think I might though, with the last few bunches still outside on the patio, that another tray of semi dried ones will be calling.

  4. What a lovely garden - I feel cheered just looking at it! x


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