Monday, 30 December 2013

Things aren't always what they appear...

Last Friday I decided to make my bread, let it begin to rise, then we were going to go shopping. DB happened to mention that he had been getting the tightness back in his chest. Being a Friday, he went off to see if he could get an appointment with the emergency doctor to re-instate one of his pills.

For some reason, (holidays to one side), two doctor's were on duty doing triage then seeing people if required, neither doctor was his. 1 1/2 hours later I still hadn't heard from him so sent him a quick text. "Still waiting" was the reply. This was followed by "just going to have an ECG", then a short while later, "put the kettle on!"

A few minutes later he was home, carrying an envelope, stating he had to go up to the hospital to the MAU (Medical Assessment Unit). As it was lunch time and the particular doctor he saw had done this twice to him before, we both felt he could take a quick 20 minutes out, to have a sandwich and a drink!

Parking at the hospital was good for a change as we arrived before visiting time. He had routine checks done, then a long wait to see the doctor. Another long wait for the consultant. Three hours up there and we were waiting for dischange, then I remembered the bread in the airing cupboard!!

Finally back home (and in fine shape) we rescued the bread - oh dear:
Despite having a tea towel over the top, it had over proved and dried out. Ah well, I gave it a good smack in the kitchen, re-rolled it into the washed out tins and waited with baited breath:
Needn't have worried. There are a few specks of dried crust hidden throughout but nothing major.

The meal I had planned would take too long (it was already after tea time anyway) and we both felt disconknockerated as they say. We bought a well know make of apple pie as it looked so nice on the adverts, but was a different proposition in real life:

It did taste okay though, especially with the proverbial custard. We went to bed early and both slept like logs, although someone was obviously on a log train for a couple of hours or so:)

Ah, ain't love grand!


  1. Hope your DB is feeling better soon. If I don't get back around - then all the very best for 2014. I look forward to reading more of your blog next year! xx

    1. Seems fine at the moment, thank you. Same to you and yours!

  2. Best wishes for a healthy and Happy New Year!

  3. Hope DB is feeling better now. The waiting times in hospitals don't seem to get any shorter do they? Nor in airing cupboards! Glad your loaves survived their long wait. Happy New Year DC.
    Patricia x

  4. Hoping your DB feels brighter soon. Best wishes for 2014- love and prayers xx

  5. Glad hubby is ok. I have days when I forget about the bread; it does seem to be quite forgiving though. Yours certainly looks as good as ever!

  6. Hope he is feeling better soon. Its such a worry having to go back and forth to doctors and hospitals especially at weekends and bank holidays.
    Happy 2014 !

  7. Hope your hubby is feeling better tonight. Your over proved bread didnt suffer for it, it looks wonderful. My hubby made bread in the breadmaker last night, he couldnt find the new bags of bread flour so used a mix of plain and self raising plus the wrong yeast and it turned out ok, a bit like a french bread.

  8. WHat a palaver - but better safe than sorry, excuse cliche - they are cliches because they are true! And good old bread dough - I have several times badly over-proved but got away with it - with very little change to texture. Hope things continue well for you. Lx


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