Tuesday, 4 March 2014

"French" bread and other things...

No, I haven't actually been making French bread, it just looks like a loaf of bread wearing a beret!
That is what happens when you get distracted, it is well into the night and you remember that you haven't actually baked the bread - again!!

I did remember to put the oven on, then 2 hours later, realised the bread had not gone in. It had risen well above the tins (but not toppled over). In it went and yes, it decided to put on a beret! The droopy sides had to be removed to slice it:
They didn't go to waste, we had them with a bowl of home made tomato, lentil and vegetable soup with a twist:
The 'twist' was the left hand side of a portion of dip left over, but unopened, from our quiz night - sour cream, chive and cheese I think:
It really worked very well and as you can see, we still have the sour cream and chilli to use:)


  1. Hahahahaha! You are so right - it does look just like a beret! And I have done this myself, left a loaf to over-prove. Well, ok it won't win any WI prizes for appearances, but it all goes down the same way as we frequently say in our house! And your soup DOES look good!

    1. Still tastes good and the texture is light and springy!

  2. This made me laugh DC, sorry. It's just that I have been known to forget what's still in the oven as opposed to what's not in it. One Christmas I plated up eight dinners to my guests, only to realise with frustration when we'd finished that I'd forgotten the Yorkies and stuffing!!
    Patricia x

    1. I haven't done that as such but have served up ready for the table, kept things warm in the oven, then forgotten about them - or is that what you meant?


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