Friday, 20 June 2014

Fruit and Vegetables

It seems a while since I posted what is growing in our back vegetable and fruit garden this year. We don't have a lot of space and only grow for the summer and a little for winter.

Bed 1 contains broad beans, various lettuce and 2 tomatillo:
Bed 2 currently has newly planted leeks for winter inter-planted with new beetroot and a few lettuce:

Bed 3 contains strawberries - we have probably had about 3-4lb at the moment with more still to come:
Bed 4 has 2 different types of carrot (purple and orange), inter-planted with radish whilst the carrots grow:

The front fruit arch has some red pears:
and russet apples:
The back fruit arch has just a few plums which are infested with bugs so no point in photographing them. In-between beds 2 and 3 are three tomato plants:

In front of the fruit cage are 3 more (hiding in the shade for the moment are 2 small pots of inter-nodal cuttings) of tomatoes. They will eventually end up indoors for later in the year:
The fruit cage has gooseberries, autumn raspberries, blackcurrant, blackberry and blueberries, not all of which are in fruit yet. Those that are, vary between a good and reasonable crop, down to a poor crop:
In front of the gooseberries is the pot of Alderman peas, the left half are now growing well, the recently sown right half just beginning to show:
Finally, down the drive near the garage, the newly dug garden from last year, is again growing tomatoes and runner/French beans (swapped positions from last year). There are just 4 beans this year due to the fact I will always want to grow 5 tomatoes there. Alternate plantings and reducing the beans to four plants, means the middle pole has a rest from the tomatoes::
Although you can't really see it yet, on the far left is a climbing 'cup and saucer' plant:
There you have it, an early view of fruit and vegetables. Let's hope, they continue to do well!
Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. It all looks great. My Dad loved russet apples. I like the flavour but have to peel the skin off them!

    1. A few people say that about the skin. Russets do have a beautiful flavour though.

  2. hi
    your garden looks beautiful.the red pears looking wonderful.
    have a wonderful time,

  3. Gosh that looks so tidy! I am incredibly jealous:) I don't think I can see a single weed! Mo x

    1. Whilst I manage to keep the small fruit and vegetable patch reasonably tidy, the flower area is a different matter. It has so many flowers in it, it is hard to get to the weeds!


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