Thursday, 12 June 2014

Oh dear me Andy

Goodness me Andy, you are out of sorts. I could see it in your game yesterday and today was worse. It was as though you had no energy. Some brilliant shots when needed but your va-va-voom seems to have gone.

Your first serve has also disappeared which didn't help as with that, you would have won I am sure. Never mind though, you did your best and are no doubt very annoyed with yourself. Take stock and try and get ready for Wimbledon. Love the haircut and clean shave though and it was so nice to see you in white, so much easier on the eyes than all the coloured clothing!

You are the main reason I watch tennis so now you are out, I can get on with some jobs in the garden and house, so thanks for that anyway:)

Bought some watermelon and pineapple today so hope to get some in the dehydrator tomorrow. Mind you, I have bread, yoghurt and granola to make tomorrow ...


  1. Me and Mum said the same thing - he looked very heavy legged. Nadal has also been well-beaten in the tournament he's playing in, so maybe their exertions in the heat in Paris have taken their toll.
    Hope the weather is good for you to get your garden jobs done. I'm going to do painting outside if the weather's good, and if not I'll give the bathroom a fresh coat of paint!

    1. Well, that is good to know it is not just him. So many weeds now, don't know where to start!


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