Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Just a quickie...

First of all, a big welcome to Hazzy.

We have been away for a long weekend with DS and FDiL to celebrate and have a special birthday present (from last year) for DB. More about that when they send us the photographs!

We are both very tired this morning. Slept well though. Saturday we spent the whole day here
as they were part of a Working Dogs Demonstration Team. Here is FDiL in the ring with Master L (now 6 months old). He is only just beginning training so was in there whilst they were setting up the arena:
Here is one of the other chaps (can't for the life of me remember his name) with one of his 7 dogs:
Just in case you were wondering where the other grand-dogs were, here they are resting after another demonstration, in the back of the car (under the shade of a big tree) with DB:
Master L. at the back, Miss M at the front ready as ever to get out, and Miss S - head shot only!

Sunday was spent browsing the shops (bought only Wheatgerm), then Monday we were off with DB to celebrate his present.


  1. Such beautiful dogs. Sounds like a good weekend was had too :)

    1. It was, especially the Monday, more about that later.

  2. Looks like great fun, they are gorgeous dog I love reading your post about the pooches x

    1. Yes they are lovely, like grand-children though, you can hand them back:)


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