Friday, 25 July 2014

The unusual...

DS and FDiL for Christmas, bought me a gift of unusual vegetables. One was a purple carrot:
Quite a decent size as well. From the same gift, I am also growing Tigerella Tomatoes but they aren't quite ready yet.

Another new vegetable/fruit that I bought off the internet, is a Cucamelon:
Out of the 4 plants I sowed, just one stayed alive, just as well, as it is rampaging all over its designated spot. Each pod is about the size of a large grape, although I am still trying to work out when to harvest. They do taste very refreshing, a cucumber lemon cross.

They were both added to a nice colourful salad (the lettuce, Little Gem,  was also our own):
The salad was eaten with home made quiche, the pastry of which was biscuit like and very fragile, due to the heat I think:
It went down a treat. The quiche lasted us for 3 meals each and despite the pastry, tasted fine.


  1. Waiting for our carrot crop to be ready for pulling, but we are doing great on all the greenery - tons of it! Just about to get started on a paella for us this evening - we shall eat out in the garden I think, a little breeze just managing to cut through the heat.

  2. I usually forget to harvest various things until too late then have to cope all at once. We finished a jar of gherkins at lunch and I replaced them with cooked beans to see how they do. Yes, it has been humid, too much for me!

  3. Love the vibrant colours of the salad! I made roasted veg soup for lunch yesterday as it had cooled down a bit - it was a good way to use up some of the courgettes.


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