Sunday, 13 July 2014

This and that...

Now we know that the red cherry plums are beginning to fall, we really must make the effort to go and get some. These will be used in jam, chutney, puddings etc. Whilst they are really nice to eat raw, once cooked, they become like most plums, quite tart and need the addition of sugar.

We had half the remaining plums stewed with custard for supper last night. The rest went into wild plum ice cream:
They don't seem to have imparted any colour but have added a very delicate taste.

Yesterday afternoon, our neighbour J. shouted out the front, 'Have you seen the size of this moth out front?"

We went and looked. Sure enough, sitting on the lamp-post between our two properties, about 3' off the ground was this huge moth, obviously asleep and in our opinion, lucky not to have been eaten by birds:
It looks like this when its wings are open, and they measure around 4.5 inches across. What a joy to see. I have only ever seen their caterpillars before, once they emerge from the ground where they pupate, guess I won't be seeing that stage any time soon!

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