Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Barmouth and wedding rings!

This was the view out of the front of our holiday cottage just on the outskirts of Dolgellau:
There was a similar but closer mountain view out the back. No photograph as it was predominantly in cloud. Good job we took the photograph on the Monday morning as that was the best day view wise!

After breakfast, we headed to the Corris Craft Centre to see if the Agau jewellery artist was there. He makes all his own jewellery but seems to specialise in rings. DS and FDiL had visited on their last holiday and although he doesn't use Welsh gold, is a Welsh craftsman, which interested FDiL.

He wasn't there but we had a look around anyway and called back on Wednesday to see him. They were ages but found the style of rings they wanted and they should be with them in a couple of weeks. Usual stuff but one or two interesting shops including a wood person selling all kinds of furniture and other useful domestic goodies. There was also a nice deli where we bought some local food, plus a cup of coffee and a cake from the cafe. You can read more about it here

After that we headed off to Barmouth to partake of the beautiful weather, views, sea and sandy beach. Eventually we found the area for those with dogs and off we went. It was Master L's first trip to the beach and he enjoyed himself. He is so big that we forget he is only 8 months old and still a puppy. He enjoyed swimming with his sisters but not so them at times. He kept trying to jump on them, like puppies do which almost pushed them under. As can be seen in the photograph below, they quickly learnt to move away!:
It was just glorious and we had a long walk, FDiL had a paddle and all in all, we had a great time:

Here are some views from the beach:

We headed back to the front to find somewhere to eat and had a nice meal sitting out the front of a Davy Jones Locker. Another walk and we came back to the front and sat outside the Knickerbocker Ice Cream Parlour to enjoy some much needed coolness.

It was coming off the beach that I obtained my first couple of injuries of the holidays. The sea path was so full of sand, it was difficult to see where the edge was. The wall was only a couple of feet high so I decided to walk along that for safety! Shouldn't have bothered.

Just as I was in mid jump, DS shouted "mind the child". Adjusting yourself mid jump is never a good idea even though I couldn't see a child, I didn't want to land on one. Turned out she was about 30' away!

Anyhow, like you do, I curtailed my jump crashing knee and shin first into the edge of the wall. That hurt but the worst was trying to stop myself landing face first. Hands shot out and my left palm and wrist took my full weight. I knew I hadn't broken it but boy, did it hurt. Within 10 minutes my thumb stopped working properly and just to be sure, I held my hand and arm, still and upwards. Trying to eat ice cream with your fore and middle finger is not very easy. Anyway, come night time my whole arm and shoulder, plus knee and shin hurt but all were still relatively mobile.

A sleepless night followed (mainly due to the uncomfortable bed), but the next day, all seemed well so we decided to tackled the mountain near us, Cadair Idris...


  1. Oooh painful and I don't know about you, but it really shakes me up if I fall over these days :( I love to see dogs enjoying themselves so much, our dog just loves the water. The scenery is beautiful x

  2. I have tried to comment on your war diary page but it does not seem to work

    1. I don't know why that should be happening but it is the same for me so far. As I don't know why it is happening I don't know how to correct it! Any ideas anyone?

  3. What a beautiful place, and hasn't Master L grown!
    Your fall sounds painful - hope you're fully recovered now.

    1. It was but nowhere near as painful as the falls the next day. Shall be posting about that tomorrow!


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