Friday, 3 October 2014

Falling down Cadair Idris

Feeling well rested, with my thighs and calves returned to normal, we began the descent. The wind was by now blowing hard, everywhere was soaked - including us eventually. This was the last photograph I managed to take:
The clouds had descended but we could still see about 40' in front of us - to begin with.  About 1/4 of the way down, the rain got heavier, almost horizontal at times, stinging our eyes and eventually we could only see about 15' in front of us. Needing a call of nature, we strayed off the path just enough for cover and when wanting to return, called one of the dogs who found and returned us to safety. We had at this point gotten down far enough to be well away from the dangerous sides just in case you were worried! We got back to the halfway gate where we had met the other walkers relatively quickly - maybe less than an hour, and began the descent along the zig zag part once more. That is where the problems started for me.

Despite initially feeling fine my legs began to wobble (heart was fine), and as I took each step could feel that my knees were not locking into place to bring me back up (if you see what I mean). I realised later on that my thighs and calves were not working and it seems to be those muscles you need to work your knees!

Fall 1: was quite graceful, a gentle knee's down into some heather.
Fall 2: (shortly afterwards) was both knee's hard onto rocks with the left taking the brunt.
Fall 3: a knee's down then backwards fall onto my right hand which over-extended one of the fingers.
Fall 4: was DB who was struggling to keep me upright - a sort of graceful slide onto his bottom and back.

The first three happened on the zig zag paths. DB's fall as we began our descent through the fields.

By now I was in serious trouble with my legs refusing to work properly, even on the flat bits. I really thought they were going to have to get mountain rescue out!

Fall 5: was me desperately grasping the heather to stop myself - didn't work. Hard onto my shins.
Fall 6: was DB again, just after DS has said "Goodness, its like looking after 2 drunks", he slid slow motion onto his back on rather pointed rocks but somehow managed to land in-between them all.

Fall 7: was my final fall onto my knees, then wrists and almost face first into the heather. By now I was past caring. I righted myself back onto my knees, DS attempted to help me up. 3 attempts later I couldn't move. DB and FDiL all came over and eventually with lots of pulling by them, they got me upright again. We were probably 3/4 of the way down at this point. I could even see the car parking area, which gave me hope!

DS slipped once then eventually we came across him bent over. His left leg had gone into spasm and was shaking uncontrollably. It did make us all smile including him. After a few minutes it stopped and we carried on. In the end we decided the safest thing to do was for me to support myself using DS's shoulders and DB hold onto my coat or arm. It worked for the most part.

Anyway, after 3 hours, most of which was at my snails pace, everyone was soaked, the dogs were shivering and very cold, even their tails had stopped wagging. The rain kept coming down but we were down, safe with no bones broken and quite frankly, that was a miracle.

Want to see my bruises? The photographs don't really do them justice but give you an idea. They were taken daily from Wednesday through to Sunday:)

Good aren't they. Isn't it amazing how fat your legs look when you are bending over to photograph them! Despite all that and the fact I could only walk in slow motion for the next 2 days, we managed to go out every day visiting or walking. 

Anyhow, if you have the time to spare, take a look at this video, filmed in June last year but it does give you an idea of the climb watch here


  1. Now Thats what you call a Proper bruise OUCH and OUCH again!

  2. Ohhhh bless you, what a corker!

    1. I know but I would still do it again!

  3. Replies
    1. Certainly was, couldn't even get in and out the bath!

  4. Oh my word Dc! That looks so painful.

    1. It was. The bruises are still around even after nearly another week!


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