Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Steamed Apple Lemon Curd Puddings

I usually start steaming mini puddings in Autumn, ready for use in the colder months. We only eat pudding on a Sunday, seems to help keep our weight on an even keel! I invested in 8 mini tins many years ago now and they have earned their keep.

Firstly, measure out 4 x 4" - 5" pieces of parchment paper, fold and cut them in half.  Now use as much parchment paper as needed to measure out enough to draw around the base of the pudding tins to give you 8 cut out circles. You should now have 8 small circles and 8 squarish pieces of parchment paper.

Now measure out similar pieces of foil, except this time, you will not need 8 circles for the bottom. Fold a crease into each parchment square and each foil square:
Grease each pudding tin and place one of the circles into the bottom of each - I'm showing 4 here to give you an idea if you have never done this before:
Now for the pudding mixture. Put 3 eggs on the weight end of some scales (or directly on if you have that kind and work out the weight). I have old fashioned scales so my eggs stay on the weight end!

Into a mixing bowl, put in the following, using the same amount of weight as the eggs:

S.R. flour, margarine and sugar (remove 2 tablespoons so it won't be too sweet), the zest of one lemon, 4 tablespoons of curd and the eggs themselves:
Beat it all together. Divide the mixture between the 8 pudding tins:
Place one piece of folded parchment paper on the top of each tin and squish it around the sides:
Repeat with one piece of folded foil, keeping the fold in the same direction:
Squish it around the sides and it should hold for the duration of the steaming.
Place 4 into each layer of a steaming pan, try to leave a small gap between each tin plus the sides of the pan if at all possible. Stack one pan on top and repeat. Now fill the bottom of the pan with 2" of boiled water and put the whole thing on to heat:
My steamer tends to let some of the steam out so once I am satisfied the steam is rising through all levels, I tie the handles together! Turn the heat down to a rolling simmer and steam for 1 hour. Remove one and check if it has risen and doesn't indent when you prod it with your finger. If not, then it is done, if it does not spring back up, give it a little longer, maybe another 20 minutes.

Here they are, fresh from the steamer:

I left them to cool for about 10 minutes, then used a small palette knife to ease them out of their tins:
They were then left to go completely cold. Six were wrapped individually in cling film and frozen, the other two we had with custard for our Sunday pudding.


  1. They look and sound delicious, love those little pudding pots they give the perfect portion, smothered in custard..a real treat!

    Perfect portion pudding pots! Must say that to my grandaughter, they have been doing alliteration in school :-)

    1. Lovely with custard but FDiL has hers with ice cream!

  2. To tell the truth I love the combination of ice cream AND custard. The puddings do look good. P x

    1. One or the other for me, mind you DB would be with you!

  3. They look wonderful, I love lemon curd in everything xxx


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