Friday, 17 October 2014


Welcome to Connie via Bloglovin.

Despite cleaning out the wood burner chimney when we finished using it in Spring, we like to do it again shortly after using it again in Autumn after a couple of fires. These help loosen anything still up there.

Getting the room ready requires protecting the carpet and anywhere the chimney rods are liable to touch when withdrawing them from the chimney. DB has made a board to go over the front, then a small hole was put in it to push the rods through once the first brush one is up round the back of the burner.

Remembering to always twist the rods clockwise to prevent them coming adrift up the chimney which would be a disaster, he pushed and pulled and we could hear more debris dropping:
It is a job that I love to do but he had already got his overalls on and I was busy in the kitchen so he did it. My job was to go outside and yell when the brush reaches the top of the metal cowl on the chimney!

Here it is just finished:
Quite a bit of debris fell, maybe a mug or two, just goes to show it is worth doing twice a year. Everything was put back together, he re-laid it and cleaned the glass front. Then I washed down the exterior and polished the hearth:
There we are, all ready for another Autumn, Winter and Spring. Talking of Winter, the winter bedding has gone on finally, after several nights of being less than warm. Winter clothing was brought down from its attic storage and the summer clothing put up in its place. Ah, that is so much better!


  1. How lovely, I do have the voice of Dick Van Dyke going round in my head now though lol x

  2. I've just had my fireplace cleaned and look forward to some cheerful fires this winter. The central heat keeps me comfortable, but nothing beats a fire for feeling cozy against the weather. Glad you're all shipshape for the cold. Did you kiss the sweep for luck? ;-D

  3. No, he got a cup of tea and a biscuit! He he.


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