Thursday, 20 November 2014

Damson Brandy Puddings

Firstly, welcome to Finola Smith and Sylvia den Hollander via Bloglovin.

Having used a few of the damsons rescued from the brandy we made, I decided to chop them up and make some more mini sponge puddings. These will be used over Christmas.

First they were chopped small by DB plus some dark glacé cherries were rinsed, chopped and also steeped in some of the Damson Brandy:
I made a basic Victoria sponge using the weight of 3 eggs. Once everything was weighed and mixed, I stirred in 2 tablespoons of Damson Brandy:
I had already greased, floured and base lined 8 mini pudding tins. I was just about to drop my first ice-cream scoopful of mixture into a tin when I realised I had forgotten to stir in the fruit!

Anyway, the tins were filled, covered and steamed for 1 hour:

We shall look forward to these on Christmas Day with custard for us three and home made ice cream for FDiL. If the uncooked taste was anything to go by, they should be nice!


  1. Thank you both, hope our guests for Christmas like them!

  2. They look and sound lovely - a nice light alternative to Christmas pudding.

  3. Looks scrummy. I really crave stodge this time of year.

  4. For some reason, can't face the normal pudding so hope these are okay.

  5. Sounds delicious DC. This is new to me - weighing the other ingredients in conjunction with the weight of the eggs and I guess it makes sense. Normally it would be 6, 6, 6 and 3. Must try it. Thanks for that. P x

  6. They look lovely, We dont have Christmas pudding but they would be a good alternative, thank you for sharing.

  7. Pat and Karen, thank you. Sometimes, if I want to use all dried egg, I weigh the ingredients according to 2 or 3 proper eggs then put the dried egg in.


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