Friday, 14 November 2014

More preparations

This time a few sausage rolls. Loads of recipes for these but I now cheat and use bought puff pastry.
Sometimes I add things to the sausages (once released from their skins), such as extra herbs, other seasoning or even grated cheese.

This year they are just plain:
They were frozen then packed into 2 bags of 8. There were several scraps of pastry left so they were rolled out, had grated Parmesan put on, re-rolled and cut out into whatever I could do with their mad shape:
Just been out to have my sewing machine checked after it seemed to be more noisy than normal, all okay and no charge. He did break my needle but replaced it so it is good to go for projects.

Also just done a top up food in Aldi, got a few German Christmas treats that we like so another tick in the 'box'.

Have a lovely weekend folks, despite the dire weather forecast. Stay safe and hope none of you get flooded!


  1. What a lovely blog, it's made me want to go and do some Christmas prep...thank you. Woo xx

    1. Jolly good, hope you get started soon.

  2. Smashing idea to get ahead with Christmas food preparations. Sausage rolls are always a last minute dash to get them in the oven on Christmas Eve. Have a good weekend DC. P x


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