Wednesday, 19 November 2014

On my knitting needles...

Is the front part of a sleeveless jumper taken from an old WWII women's magazine. The pattern is only for a 32" chest which I am not and should be knitted in 3 ply wool which is very difficult to get hold of today.

Anyway, not to be outdone, I went on-line where it was explained to me that you can substitute 4 ply and if you also need to go up one or two sizes to use a thinnish double knit and drop down one or two needle sizes for each bit.

It is a lovely pattern but involves cable stitch all over the place which was too much for me to attempt. However, I changed wool and needle sizes and cast on! I originally decided to just use plain stocking stitch in an effort to get it finished before this winter is out as I am such a slow knitter.

As I was required to cast on 112 stitches, I though I would do the middle 12 in basket weave (double moss stitch I think) and either side of it in stocking stitch.

I'm using a trial wool from a shop which is £1.75 per 100g ball and think I shall need up to 200g but have bought 300g just to be safe. It is a nice shade of lavender

Want to see how it is progressing:
I think it will be a little tight on the rib side of things at the bottom but is filling out to a better size as the full 136 stitches get added on. I still have another 10 to add, then it has to be knitted up to 11" before starting to cast off for the arm holes. Obviously it won't be so bunched up once off the needles!

Hope I can interpret and allow for my changes to the pattern okay. I can only knit 4 rows at any one time before my fingers cramp so it is going slowly but this is the result of 2 - 3 weeks work at that pace so hopefully, I might get it completed by February:)

Talking of WWII patterns and also patterns from other era's, I came across this fantastic web site
where you can download and drool over old patterns. Enjoy!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. The colour is nice although the photo doesn't quite catch it correctly.

  2. Looks lovely - as someone who is hopeless knitter, I am much in awe of those who can!

    1. Me too as I have never really moved past the novice stage.


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